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  1. I think when someone is banned while not online it should send them a message on the website saying who banned you, what for, and what the context was. Cause I just logged on today to find i was banned, without any notice or signs, ilke a mod coming online to tell me or at least say Your banned.
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  2. I think you should avoid doing things that will get you banned in the first place
  3. We get a lot of different reports, and can't wait until each individual player is online to warn/kick/ban them. We're always working on the way that we deal with reported players, and we may soon have a way to notify them of their ban cause when they try to login. If you'd like to appeal your ban (which is temporary--7 days long), send a private message to R0bbieJo.
  4. Already did, waiting for a response. And really guys, I'm sorry for all the trouble i cause, its just a lot of people PM spam me or instigate me/try to push me over the edge and sometimes i overeact. Im serious this time, I'm gonna try to be quiet now. (NOT A BAN APPEAL)
  5. I think you get banned more than any player I've ever seen before. You must be doing something right, though, because no one ever seems to get tired of temp-banning you and just perma-bans you once and for all :p
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  6. Serious this time but not the last? Were u just lying?
  7. Lol they didn't even tell me why, its just a new "This is the last straw" They said "This has gone too far". As for what margarita said yeah it must be funny to ban me and watch me act like i don't care.:)
  8. If you weren't a gold supporter i think you would have been perma-banned already
  9. Yeah, this might be my last chance.
  10. There have been gold and diamond supporters permabanned before. I'd be careful Meincravta.. It looks like you're walking on thin ice.
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  11. Thats a ridiculous statement. A supporter status does not affect the decision of banning or not banning at all. If a player is doing something that is wrong, they will get punished equally, regardless of whether or not they support the server.
  12. I understand that a supporter will be banned as well as a regular member.
    I'm simply stating here that it seems to me that he has apparently been doing something wrong, Alot , and i was saying that the fact that he is a gold supporter could possibly be why he hasn't been permanently banned.
    I know there isn't supposed to be any discrimination, but i could easily see a diamond supporter getting a ''lesser'' punishment. Not for griefing or killing, but for something less serious.
    Maybe im 100% wrong and there is NO discrimination, but it seems to me that people would be less likely to ban a supporter than a member
  13. I know nothing of Minecravta's wrongs, so I can not speak for this case, but I know that when I was a mod, I showed zero discrimination to supporter/non-supporter alike. If you break the rules, small or large, the punishments should be equal and fair.
  14. Perhaps. Mods are expected to judge all players equally. When I see that a diamond or gold remember has seriously broken a rule, I only pity them, for the fact that they wasted a good amount of money and a chance to play on a pretty sweet server.
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  15. amadai can always be counted on to say the troof XD
  16. I don't remember who stated that, where or when, but i believe it was a senior mod+ who said something like this: "this is not the average server where supporters don't get banned" i add to that: this is not the average server where supporters are supposed to be treated as gods that no-one can touch.

    Also, i stated in past that supporters are just players who has money to pay a little fee, that doesn't make them more or less persons.
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  17. Im not saying anything about discrimination, i HATE Servers and mods that do that, that isn't right for the player who wrong did or the other players.
  18. De troof.
    That, or I'm tired of being caps spammed and lit on fire.
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  19. Well, if mods do have ZERO discrimination then good, thats the way it should be ;)