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  1. Smp1 Army
    Hello all hope you are having a good day(i am). Well i finally got the time to make this thread(even though i won't have the screenshots on it yet,in a week i will). This thread is for the Smp1 Army not for other Army and i do encourage every army to make there own thread.Ok so enough of that lets talk about the Smp1 Army.

    Our Beliefs
    Here at the Smp1 Army we believe that developing slime technology for battle is more successful than using a lot of ground troops. (SOME PICTURES WILL GO HERE)

    Airfoce-The aerial part of the Smp1 army
    Navy-The naval part of the Smp1 Army
    Technology engineers-People who design the technology (Need to be at the least Ok at redstone)
    Groundtroops- Its explained in the name
    The Unseen- The elite group of troops they spy and protect high ranking officials (pm me to join this branch only for all other branches go to our site to enlist Link:

    More picturs here

    List of ranks coming soon with that will be the pay

    How to enlist for all branches except the Unseen go to our site and click the button enlist now
    Sorry about the post its not great i haven't slept in 2 days due to my newborn baby

    List of
  2. So, who you planning to fight ;b