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  1. I would indent this if my PC was not broken but....

    Hey guys,

    This is just an official intro to me. (I did another but I probably didn't explain everything.)
    So I am a young minecrafter who starts playing minecrAft January 24, 2014.
    I started playing EMC June 22, 2014. (<== I joined the forums September 7 2014.)
    I joined SMP6. I was really amazed about this place. Then I thought EMC was just a normal server like those other ones. But later, I realized EMC was a place to make friends and converse. My first friend was nela2 who gave me rupees when I was advertising my shop. She was really nice to me. She was the one who introduced me to minanela3 and Yella1030. Later I became interested in the PvP arenas. I kept spamming the chat with "Where are the PvP arenas?" Finally someone told me how and I was crushed by Matthew_DL and coolblox100. Later I was introduced to two people named SHNpow and Secretkeeper67. they were both interested in Harry potter like I was. SHNpow built many things because he was a good builder. He built Weasley's wizard wheezes and gringotts (see 12049 for more but his res may have been deleted.) We hung out and had fun. later SHN left. Before that I met creeperkiller644. We made an armory. Later he left. After 76 days on the empire, I became a supporter. That was when I joined the forums. I got residences and had fun. Later on my 106th day I lost my supporter status and was normal. So a little later, I met someone named Lilyrox55. We had the same interests just like SHN and Secretkeeper. She introduced me to some friends like dee6983 and Cozmo18. We have a ___ that is not open. I am a co-owner. I reset my res later that used to be a not-stocked mini-mall. It will soon be finished. And that brings you to today! There will be more fun events to come in the future!
  2. Nice intro Cole.
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  3. Thanks.
  4. Just saying Hi Cole, seen you around the forums a lot.
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  5. I really enjoy them. I enjoy this community a lot.
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  6. Hi cole, hope you're having fun, sure sounds like you are :)
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  7. Hey Cole!
    Thanks for the share! coolblox100 is indeed tough to kill in pvp, isn't he! (keep at it though, as players like this and dragonrock13 will hone your skills and toughen ya up!)
    Glad to see you are enjoying your time here.
    Try to get on with us for the Friday night miners events! I bet you would have some fun out there with us all!
    See ya around!
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  8. Nice intro. :) I feel like I've seen you somewhere before, can't think where... :p
    Anyway, I'm glad to see you staying active on EMC. :) From what I've seen of you, you're pretty cool! :)
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  9. Huh, I've seen you around. =) Anyway, great post! You sound like a fairly interesting person. I too enjoy PVP, though I doubt I'll ever even think about opening any sort of mall. =P
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