Official Funnieset Video Thread

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  1. I decided to make this 'Funniest Video' thread to get people to have a good laugh. What you do is post up to three of the videos you think are funniest on YouTube.

    I don't have a favorite video, I think a lot of them are funny, but here is one of my favorites:

    -NOTE [MUST READ]: Please refrain from posting videos containing the certain word starting with the letter 'n'. Also, this is not a place to advertise your YouTube channel.

    How to Post Your Video:

    We all don't like to click on links to see things (too much work) so I created a guide of how to place your video directly into a post! There are four simple steps to complete the process:

    1. Search for the video on YouTube.

    2. Find the video and copy and the link.

    3. Go to your post and click the 'video' tab.

    4. Paste the video link and embed the video into your post.

  2. Hilarious, let me see if I can find one.

  3. I Lol'd when I watched that.
  4. OOOHHH!
    It's the band: songstowearpantsto
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  7. Watch the whole thing
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  8. I did not find that funny at all. On a side note Christian Bale lost his voice twice while filming Batman Begins.
  9. Impressive! :)
  10. Thanks for posting, guys! (Some) funny videos here! Keep posting!!

  11. Probably one of three greatest videos of all tiimmmme. All from "AmazingLife247" and "AmazingFilms247"
  12. Just a warning, these videos are VERY VERY BERRY explicit. Trust me. If you get offended easily don't watch
  13. @1:25
    Thats what i feel like doing to my computer because i cant connect to
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  14. Well I almost peed myself when I saw the hand job video.Cant wait till Minecraft is done updating so I can get back on
  15. 1 word. Collegehumor. Bye!
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