Official Forum for Mega Mall 707

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  1. This is the official forum for Mega Mall 707, otherwise known as the Wolfepack Mall. We are located on SMP1. Our prices are very reasonable and we try our hardest to keep everything in stock. If there is something that is not in stock, please let us know on this thread so that we can do our best to stock it. Furthermore, if there is an item that you think is too costly, this is also the thread to let us know! Hopefully you will give our Mall a shot, thanks!

    Wolfepack Mega Mall Information:
    Owned by crabcakes200m, GMW_I and wolfegab
    Designed by GMW_I
    Built by GMW_I and crabcakes200m
    Stocked by GMW_I
    Priced by crabcakes200m

    (If you are also looking for bulk sugarcane, check out 625 for cheap cane!)
  2. It's an awesome mall! Really good deals on planks and books and emeralds!
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