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  1. I think Empire Minecraft should have an official texture pack so if you would like, you could swith from default to the texture pack.
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  2. This is not generally how this works. There have been a few discussions about this (you can check them out by putting in a few key words into the search bar in the upper right hand corner of the home page). Also when suggesting something like this that would affect the game play of every player on this server I suggest you give a few pros and cons. Such as "Pros - It would stop X-Rayers... Cons - People might not like it" I personally don't like this idea as someone might like a texture pack that is a high res like Sphax BDCraft 256x256 and not want to use Mammy Jammie's 16x16 Simple Craft or what not. Also if you want a low res and the TP is high res than you may lose FPS and be deterred from playing on this server. All in all I suggest an EMC endorsed texture pack.
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  3. You're not allowed to ask for likes. Edit the OP please :)
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  4. Well, 1.3 added ability to have a server texture pack, but its not forced upon you. your still able to use your own TP...

    So we could do it theoretically, but it honestly doesn't suit EMC.

    Server based TP's are designed for the servers where its 1 specific group building 1 colony together with a set style, and have a recommended TP thats meant to display the creations style as the designers intended.

    EMC is a place where anyone can build, with their own style, with various different texturepacks.

    This feature just does not fit for EMC... Then many players would constantly ask for their favorite pack to be used instead.

    The only way I could really see us using the feature is to promote a pack like Coterie Craft, which is very similiar to Default, but slightly different to be smoother, to give an otherall better appearence to minecraft.

    But HD and such are out of the question.
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  5. I wanna make the EMC texture :3 (Or be in the competition)
  6. What competition...?
  7. There isn't one yet...But like Aikar mentioned previously thats how we would maybe decide on one.
  8. no thats not what i thought. i thoght about an official EMC texture pack the could download if they wanted. they don't need to if they don't want to. its just to make EmpireMineCraft feel more like an empire.
    and i can also make a texture pack.
  9. Well, there was a competition for it, but I don't know if someone won for that?
  10. it was a fake comp
  11. No,I'll only use the texture packs I wish to use.Not this Official default one..

    Maybe just an 'official' pack but not implemented in the servers. as in the ability to use the ones you like