Offical EMC Android App

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Do we want an Android app?

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Yes 9 vote(s) 56.3%
No 3 vote(s) 18.8%
I don´t care 4 vote(s) 25.0%
  1. Hello everybody

    There has been some talk about an Offical EMC Android App and I´m thinking of making it.

    The biggest problem is function.Why would I install it on my Android phone?
    So I sat down with a piece of paper and started thinking:

    EMC are 3 things:


    How could we improve Minecraft using an android app?
    Not much.We could add some night and day cycles, maybe some tips and tricks and info about Minecraft generally(Mobs,Blocks).

    How could we improve the business opportunities using an Android app?
    Some actually.We could add pretty much everything in the rupees section.
    We could also add the function of searching for shops using the shop database.

    How could we improve the community using an android app?
    We could add all the commands like "/res pset thestar19 build true"
    We could add that Justin could send info to members quicker...
    We could add that groups like Delta could send info to their members quicker...
    This could earn more money so that Justin can buy new servers

    So,Do we want this? Let me hear your thoughts about this....

  2. Sell the app for $1.99 and give $.99 to the server easy.
  3. I don't know. I have an android phone and an android tablet, i'd probably install it for the sake of installing it, but all that stuff i can already do without an app. i've got a web browser to check my rupees or minecraft wiki, and twitter and facebook for notifications.

    still if you like writing android apps go for it (i do, android is fun to write programs for :)) i don't know how you'd go with the rupees though, unless justin makes some kind of api, you'll have to scrape the website, and that means putting your EMC password in the app. That could be a trust issue.
  4. omg i want this sooo baaadd LIVE MAP compatability!!!!!!!!
    this would be the most useful app of all time for emc..
    that is IF you have an android phone 2/3 people probably :D
    good luck on making it ;)
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  5. No love for the iPhone 3G? ;) (I think it is a 3rd Gen....)
  6. *MESSAGE to JustinGuy*
    1. hire an android app maker
    ~1a: do it yourself
    ~1b: hire someone and help make it

    this would be huuge and i would use it every second!
    I bet a lot of other users would too..

    Thing is BUGS.. they are always there and keeping up with updating and fixing would take a lot of work :/

    Hopefully it would be free too I dont like paying for apps.>_<
  7. me no likey IOS.. I LIKE ICS :D
    I always seem to find apps on Itunes market cost cash too and android market/ google play are free
    (angry birds ios= .99, angry birds android= FREE)
  8. You could add things like the items and blocks and information on them and a crafting guide on how to craft everything.. sure you already have a browser to so these things but wouldnt it be easier to use your phone ? :3
  9. Yea, I don't even have a data plan... haha
    I don't buy apps. I don't browse the net. I just hook into my wifi and sit on the couch watching movies and when I get an email, I jump on the forums. ;)
  10. yessss live map thatd be awesomeee :)
  11. Or, you know, use Risugami's Recipe Book to replace books. (It affects the client but allows it to function in SMP) ;)
    Updating my client mod thread now with the tutorial. ;)
  12. when i get home im going to install like all of those mods :D especially minimap and recipie thing probably wish me luck ive had trouble b4 with mods :/