Offering a reward for help to find two griefers.

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  1. The wild camp the me and Foohundred run has been griefted. We have two suspects, as seen in this snapshot.

    The second name in the bottem, I cant make out. If you have any info about them (Did they grief you, do you know them?) and it helps find them and gets them banned, you will get a reward of 100R. Please speak up if you know anything about them.
  2. The name at the bottom is DangerousPopcorn
  3. DangerousPopcorn is a Delta Team member, so i kinda trust him... can you post imgs of the grief?
  4. Also, i found 2 griefers (not them) i reported (with no answer) to twitch1 and ISMOOCH, if they confirm the punishment i will tell you who they are :p
  5. I have a cookie monster skin that would be perfect for the job ( i am a renowned griefer in PVP

    servers) I am very well known for taking down grievers by getting into their community....Call me
  6. *.* you remember me a story, i took down a griefer that even admins (at another server) couldn't catch, i got 10+ chests of goods (thousands of diamonds, hundreds of thousands of gold and iron, and much much more stuff) as proove, and i was recognized as Moderator because of that :)
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  7. Well, I don't have any pics, their just suspects. The Co-founder, Foohundred took the snapshot well I was gone. When I got back, it was griefted and just today, griefted again. They took my diamonds, gold, redstone, iron from a hidden chest. I'm am going to be double layering the chest with obsidian now.
  8. not them, but i was killed by azoundria and someone else, but i forget who.... and long ago progamerwinn123 greifed me. i havent seen him since!
  9. Use a locked chest for the most important stuff. You can put two other names on a locked chest. So people you trust most can access it even when you are offline.
  10. I would but I only have 1K, and want to wait a bit.
  11. sent you some for a locked chest
  12. Thanks kylie! I'm going to lock it right now! I still want these scum caught and dealt with.
  13. Ok, I made the lock and now outside my house, I have two signs that read:

    "The hidden chest is still here, but its locked. so if you wanted to steal from it, go screw yourself.
  14. Get ready to get grieved.
  15. If the diamonds and gold and other stuff is safe, thats all I need.
  16. Yeah actually that's the price we have to pay when we live at wild :/
  17. Just do /report
  18. Use /report
  19. Their suspects. We don't know if they are the griefers (I think they are) but Shaun has made a note for the mods to watch Sabi727, who seems to be acting stupid ATM. (He says he didn't get a PM with a link to a snapshot, but I have sent it t him.)
  20. I would like to suggest others try using Bandicam free version (like FRAPS but not a resource hog).
    A short video would be MUCH better than pics to see if someone is actually griefing and not making a mistake and trying to fix it while pictures are taken. Granted if a conversation is involved it helps prove a lot as the mods can see that in the database.

    At 720P settings it's only a HALF meg file size for 3 1/2 mins of video.