Offering a building service!

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  1. Hey guys, I'm a well-known on SMP6, and currently
    offering a building service. I am looking to extend my
    work to ALL of the other SMP servers.

    I bring my own tools, and according to what you need,
    bring my own materials.

    The starting (basic) prices for each building
    are addressed below:

    Per storey: 500 rupees.
    Basement: 300 rupees.
    Pool: 360 rupees.

    Per room: 200 rupees.
    Pool/ Spa: 450 rupees.
    Shop: 350 rupees per section.

    Roller coasters:
    Per 10 pieces of rail: 100 rupees.
    Themed rooms: 400 rupees for two, 230 for one.

    Pixel art:
    Email me, with the picture,
    and I will decide how much it will cost.

    As above.

    Thanks Empire-Minecraft-ers!


    P.S Tips ($) are much appreciated :)
  2. Negotiating prices with me via PM on the servers
    or on the web is fully acceptable, too.
  3. How good is your pixel art?
  4. I have been rated 9/10 :/
    I copy it exactly from the picture sent.
  5. hmm Can i post a picture on this thread and then you make it pixel for meh?
  6. Yeah, sure! Also, tell me which SMP you use.
    I will try to get on later today, but I'm sick off school
    and may not be able to help within next 3 days.
  7. Some previous works would be nice.
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  8. Sorry? The things I have done for people?
    I will grab some pics when next online, using
    iPad, not pc ATM.
  9. mkay
  10. You need anything done?
  11. hmmm.... I might need something done.... Still thinking....
  12. Coolios :) take all the time you need
  13. Also, I'm adding new options every week :)
  14. Today I'm adding some new things, exclusive to

    Spleef Arena:
    750 rupees
    250 rupees

    500 rupees
    355 rupees
    600 rupees

    Per level:
    280 rupees
    Dispenser game:
    90 rupees
    200 rupees (due to ice being too pricey)
    Other games:
    125 rupees each, 200 rupees for two.
  15. Just adding this: MissMadison910 is an excellent architect on minecraft. Together we have worked on 18 res's, she has renovated 31 different houses, re-designed 6 whole residences and she has built a total of 54 other buildings on smp6 in her time on EMC.
    She makes some real big contributions to the community, that sometimes go un-noticed...
    She used to do this for as little as 150 rupees per project, but quickly went bankrupt.
    But, with the help of some kind diamond supporters, she was on her feet again and getting higher pay for this lovely work she does.

    I fully reccommend her as your next project designer/architect!

  16. Yeah, my sister is pretty epic.
    Wish she could work for free for me.
    Totally in need of new res, its trash :/
  17. LoL, @ Bunda153 Mads is pretty epic xD
  18. Oh, thanks people!
    I totally agree, I am so epic, right?
    Anyway, thanks Cody :)
  19. Yeah, Brandon your res is pretty horrible :3
    I never said you couldnt have it for free.
    Im saying that now.
  20. Next week on Saturday there's going to be a 25% off sale :D