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  1. Is there a way EMC could implement a way were i can give someone a percentage off all things they buy off me. For example Person A always buys stuff from my shop but to reward the player for all the things he buys i give him 10% off all future purchases. Another example would be PersonA buys a hotel room from my res. Each player that buys a hotel room gets 5% off all items from my shop. So Person A buys a diamond normally would be 40r but because he has 5% off he gets the diamond for 38r.
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  2. I think not. You could always give that % back manually.(/r pay X #
  3. Other than manually changing the price in a place they only can access, not that I know of.
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  4. No, but that would be a great idea!
  5. Not currently possible - However, that is an amazing idea.
  6. having a new /res pset perm would be cool ... for instance /res pset %playername ga(group access?) add ... then on a sign you could have like access on a sign like normal, but instead of 'everyone' have group or something - so everyone who's name you have under group with the add added to it ... will have access :)
  7. Neat. Not currently implemented, but it's a good idea. A very good idea.
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