[OFF-SERVER EVENT] Super Awesome Mobarena!

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  1. I am hosting an off-server mobarena event, I will have a bunches of super awesome custom mobs, all custom programmed by the owner, ME!!! It will be on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 9:00 AM EMC Time! Please post any questions or comments below.
    The server ip is emc.cocoacraft.us I will be looking forward to you guys coming! please tell me if you can come by filling out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1k2t2F5Wy8hAk1wU9t2_VFA-EbGwi8yfkSUrpMjQ8gRU/viewform so I know how big the arena should be and all the other stuff. The server is whitelisted until about 12 hours before the event.

    Event announcements:
    There will be 10 rounds. Each round winner receives a special pair of diamond armor for next round and 1,000 rupees, the winner of round 10 receives 5,000 Rupees, a 4th of July firework 2014, and all donations paid to my alt account, feezelfam21. The first few mobs of each round will be the mobs that give armor and swords/bows, and have low health so they are easy to hit with a bare hand. The server has been un-whitelisted as of Friday night, and is public for all EMC players to explore the arena.

    Mob Information:
    "Free Armor and Sword" Mob:
    Drops: 1 Iron Sword, Full Diamond Armor, and An Enchanted Book, with level 2 of: protection, sharpness, power, punch, thorns, knockback, flame, fire aspect, and fire protection.
    All other mobs will be a surprise and you have to play in the event to find out!
  2. Please do not advertise other servers on Empire Minecraft. It is against the rules and punishable with a ban. :)
  3. im not adverticing... its an offserver event
    check the wiki.
  4. I believe that in the past, staff members were to approve or disapprove of these kinds of off-server events. Has yours been approved? If not, I suggest asking a Moderator, just to be sure.
  5. I did, RainbowChin approved it.
  6. As long as it's your private server, then that's fine. HOWEVER, please make sure staff can attend or it will be removed. As that is around the Holidays, it may be difficult to schedule staff to be there. Pm some to see who will be available.
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  7. I pmed chickeneer and RainbowChin, and so far rainbowchin can come.
  8. Maybe can you get Chin to post in this thread to show his consent. Just my suggestion.

    Edit: This does not look like a private server, Looks more like a Public server that just opened recently.
  9. its private, all of the public ip addresses are currently disabled. Nobody can connect but u guys, so it is private. I knew all of the guidelines before I posted it.
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  10. EpicMinerMan321, I joined and it looks like its a public server Wot
  11. no its private.. just cuz the owners are online doesn't mean its public... the only people who have the ip are the owners and u emc people
  12. colepuncher, if you don't want to participate then that's fine, but you don't have to keep coming on the server and saying bad things about it. ITS A PRIVATE SERVER!
  13. Lets not have drama here, but people have their suspicions!!!
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  14. My suggestion with Off Server Events, is when you have the event, close the sever down after the event, and by close i mean fully close it for ever.
  15. well, all I have to do is delete the ip and u would never be able to get back on. I could still have it as a server. You guys make a big deal out of it... all I wanted to do was host a mobarena using the cool mobs I created :(
  16. If anyone believes there's some other motive and this is profound, please direct your concerns to a staff member instead of here or on any server.

    I will be able to attend
  17. I dont have a big chance of coming, but I'll do my best. :)
  18. finally one person keeps this on-topic :)
  19. I don't know if I can come too, i'll try my best. :)