Of Divines and Capitalism.

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  1. Today I was interrupted by something quite unusual during my routine morning meditation (aka: afk time). I was torn out of my zen-like state by the poking of some odd cross between a green amphibious animal and a young girl bearing the name "SillyWhiteMage" above her frog-like noggin. Finding myself face to face with this creature of unknown origins, I could feel my own eyes widen as if they were unconsciously trying to match her unblinking gaze. Suddenly, she turned her head to the sky as if some far off sound had found its way into her ear canal, and without any warning she began levitating towards what I could only guess was the origin of the noise. I decide that it was in my best interest to follow her, despite what dangers might lie ahead; for all I knew, this could have been divine will. After traveling a mere egg's-throw away, she stopped in a rather unassuming lot occupied by a mysterious trader who was tending to his merchandise. Upon noticing the Frog maiden and myself, he greeted us with open arms and invited us to peruse his magnificent goods. After a quick look at the markings on his vendors, I could not help to exclaim to all within ear shot of such oddities being sold for such a low price! I knew then and there that I was chosen by the powers that be to re-tell this story to all who are willing to listen. Enclosed is the only image I was permitted to take of this diamond in a sea of cobblestone.

    Note: Portions of this re-telling may not be entirely factual and may be fabricated for dramatic effect. It should also be noted that the author of this article was suffering from severe lack of sleep during the events and the re-telling of said events.
  2. uh...i think this is a little strange but i dont think this is true....ops didnt see small print
  3. But tis true.
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  4. rlly?i dont think so
  5. flying is not allowed so its impossible
  6. /me huggles her Silly froggy and her fluffy ken

    Great story
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  8. shopkeeper ya but flying up? no
  9. this is not possible
    im good at seeing stuff this is an animation mixer
  10. Thanks, Kylie :D
  11. Cute story. And ever think the "flying" was a play on words? It's stated in the fine print below "not entirely factual and may be fabricated for dramatic effect".
  12. Wow, those prices are horrible. No offense.
  13. Sillywhitemage: "Note: I can't actually fly."
  14. Lol, that's the idea. It was kind of a joke for a short while on SMP4. I said "Wow, Pikachukid213! Your prices are amazing!" in global and when people started to /v Pikachukid213, I would say things directed to the newcomers like "Aren't his prices great, guy?!" and they'd usually reply with "Yeah! They're amazing!" or something along those lines.
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