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  1. Hello EMC,

    I am writing this message with deep regret. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here in the Empire and have built some amazing things. My Two hotels on SMP6 (12142 & 12196), many mansions and the wilderness paradise I share with my friends. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end! An increase in family commitments and a recent promotion at work have taken up most of my time, leaving little for the world of MineCraft. While I am certainly not quitting EMC (I don't think i'll ever be able to fully quit!), I am going to scale back my playing time a lot!

    During the last 10 or so months I have worked hard to build up my rupee bank account. Recently, I have been saving more to buy a dragon egg or two... or seven... but unfortunately it seems that update has eluded me. Therefore I plan on giving back to the active community. There is no point keeping rupees stashed away when one of you could use them to build amazing things! I am going to keep 100k in my account in order to ensure I have some good start up capital in case I decide to come back to a more active role. With the rest of my rupees, I plan on doing this...

    Welcome to the Ode to Butters Rupee Give-away!!!!!

    Basically, I have a bunch of rupees to give away. I am going to give 1000 rupees to each person who posts a picture like the one bellow on their residence. (Use any materials you'd like!) I am limiting it to 1000 rupees each in order to ensure my wealth is spread around across the Empire! Although, those that build a little bit more elaborate (shrines we will call them) may get a bonus! Consider it an "ode to Butters" and a way for me to be remembered in this game forever! I get remembered, you get rupees, win win! I hope to see you all around the Empire, but don't expect to see me as much as usual!

  2. Er might want to edit out your real name if you don't want it spreading throughout the community.

    GL in real life butter! As for picture, I can't get on atm- so you get an area where I will post my picture :p

    Insert picture here:
  3. One second, and I hate to see you go :)

    I will find a place for this to go in the Rainbow Melon Casino :)
  4. Good luck :) I'll have a pic in a sec, and I can hopefully find a place for it in The RMC...

    May have been too big...

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  5. Awesome picture at the Rainbow Melon Casino! And thanks Gangsta, I edited it!
  6. 2012-11-27_20.01.32.png
    The bookstore honors you.
  7. Reserving spot for my B
  8. Here's my ode to you butters
  9. Oh, if I ever expand into the area where the "B", I'll just find a new place for it, somewhere.
  10. doing the same as terr, as i dont have time to do it now.
  11. Reserved space:
    What r ur 3 favorite blocks?
  12. I am to lazy (and poor) to make something awesome, so here is this:
  13. Sorry I was on a really bad computer when I posted that. :)
  14. Good luck with family and work. :)
  15. I have a chunky render but no B in it :(
    I hope you like it anyways!
  16. Sad to see you go Butters... well I mean I kinda left too xD
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  17. 2012-11-27_22.22.00.png

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  18. Insert picture here.