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  1. hey guys! to earn the extra rupees, ill be an odds and ends dealer! so, put in an order, and a price you think is good, and ill see what i can do about it. i have a right to refuse service to anyone!




  2. item:stone brick

    quantity:10 stacks

    price:1400 (700 a day)
  3. is that too much? or too little? ive seen very different prises
  4. nope, its fine. just checking sources!
  5. I sell stone brick at the rate of 8 blocks for 8r if that helps.
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  6. the world thanks you dearly for putting me out of business....
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  7. I m a source
  8. ohhh.... i thought u were stealing business
  9. No I have buyers who constantly empty my stone brick stocks (10 to 20 stacks)
  10. Hmmm...
    item: FULL set of Chainmail armor

    quantity:1 set

    price:2500 Oh, and one more thing: I'm on SMP8.
  11. tell me when should pay you
  12. when i get the items to you!
  13. there really is no point, seeing as it can only be bought at the town store, and for more then 2500r...
  14. heh I was actually expecting you to say that XD. Part of me was still hoping that someone would be able to craft fire though D:
  15. ok, dogsnrice, got your order :) when can u pick up? 1400r remember?
  16. Wait for the next version.

    In the most recent snapshot of minecraft, villagers will trade chainmail armour. If/when we get that, chain-mail will become easier to obtain.
  17. dogsnrice! your order is ready! what server? also, i need more orders! no one needs 64 cactus, or 2 diamond ore or something?
  18. item: Cobblestone

    quantity: 162 stacks (3 large chests)

    price: 3500r

    Like this?