October Festival! [ EVENT ]

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  1. Hello EMC! On October 31 the first event help by the Honoraries Society will be hosted at 15430 on smp7! The time of event will be released the day before event. If you want to donate for the event rupees go to me, and theres a chest up at the res for your donations as we are constructing the event.

    Hosts: ww2fan168, Kelirirs, PlasmaBanana, ChefNub
    Events: Egg hunt ( must find 10 eggs out of many and turn it it for a prize ), and a surprise!
    Date: October 31st, 2015 at _:__

    Thank you

    - Honoraries Society.
  2. An egg hunt on Halloween.
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  3. That's how I imagine a Halloween Egg Hunt...
  4. The funny thing about that... is that he is using a regular medi-gun instead of a kritz :p
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  5. Sounds interesting. :)
  6. This sounds like a Halloween blast of a lifetime for me! I'm in I hope :p