octahedron of oblivion 2

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  1. octahedron of oblivion 2

    What is it?
    Welcome to the Octahedron of Oblivion! A chamber devoted to spawning monsters by the bucketfull and delivering them, battered and bruised, directly to your blade!

    Where is it?

    In the SMP1 wilderness

    west spawn.png

    The OoO is a monster spawner that caters both to those who are looking for monster drops and also to those who are looking for a somewhat easier time of leveling up for enchanting.

    Given monsters' current health pools, once they fall from the OoO, they will have 1.5 hearts (3hp) remaining.
    Leaving the monsters at 3hp means you can still fight them instead of mindlessly slaughtering them if you so choose, just don't attack with weapons.
    If you do choose to use a weapon, all the monsters that fall out should be able to be slain by a single blow.
    The other benefit of leaving the monsters at 3hp is that skeletons will be able to 1-shot creepers. When a skeleton kills a creeper, they drop a record!

    What isn't it?
    The OoO itself is not a 'battle arena', players are not supposed to be inside. All the combat should be taking place on the ground, underneath the opening, not inside of the OoO.

    Why can't I fight inside?
    The reason I don't want people fighting inside is for one reason and one reason only: CREEPERS.
    Even if you are a pro at getting away from creepers, you still can't anticipate when a stray skeleton arrow hits a creeper and the creeper blows up on the skeleton creating a big hole in the side of the OoO. Having to go inside the OoO to make repairs is annoying, dangerous, reduces the effectiveness of the spawning for the community and wastes my time. Don't fight on top of it either... monsters shouldn't spawn very often up there (I still need to add some more torches) but they do from time to time.

    Having said all that, I WILL be treating instances of people being inside the OoO as griefing and will screenshot and report repeat offenders. If you want to fight inside, make your own spawner and don't blow up the one I've spent so much time and effort constructing.
    Happy fighting!

    this building is build after a design made by zegridathes build by dirkjan23 and sensign
    the tunnel entrance is 4 blocks out side west of the west spawn
  2. Yay its back!
  3. Punctuation is your friend.
  4. its open now :D but DONT GRIEF
  5. Why isn't it visible on the LIVE map?
    Well, it is in 3D view... But yes, am I brilliant or what? For putting a complete jungle on top of it so it isn't visible on the LIVE map. :)

    Where do I lock my chests?
    I made an underground locker room, also with facilities like a melon farm, wheat farm, chick and sheep farm.
    Please lock your chest inside the room and not outside somewhere around the spawner or the nearby jungle.

    Here are some more screens of this world wonder :p

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  6. thanks sensign for the extra's i hope everyone has fun :D
  7. how far is it? im currently in a loooooong underground tunnel, am i going the right way??
  8. Keep going you'll get there. The tunnel is quite long though :p
  9. Im there right now. the drop area looks nothing like that now.
  10. Drop area has changed a bit ofcourse. It was an early screenshot I did. Just wanted to show how it will look like when you wait a few minutes :).
  11. Incredible job on this. Thanks for making it and sharing! :)
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  12. it was 2 weeks of work int the hot jungle with the lighting strikes and what not. i happy people like it :p
    sensign was of course very important he made the roof and did the stuff that made it pretty and self suffiecient
  13. This thing is messed I got there and two people were inside the mob spawner claiming to fix then boom its broken.

    EDIT: It is now fixed.
  14. Yea I had to fix it once as well.

    People shouldn't go up there. It is forbidden. The risks are very big that you'll ruin it.
  15. What are coords? and what is outpost

    EDIT: I think i landed at the old one :p
  16. What old one?
  17. They have made it hard to find for a reason guys.. There is a tunnel right outside a certain outpost safe-zone.. I will not say which because greifers like to lurk these pages... I know your out there GREIFERS!!!
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  18. iam gonna make a donation box for train rails so i can repair the old train line and iam looking for help to make a straight above ground route cause its open now :p
  19. i used to use this, so thanks dirk for the awesomeness, but i have a private grinder now