Octahedron of Oblivian griefed

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by DaJoker, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. I just logged into SMP1 today to play into the octagon, and it has been majorly griefed.

    Here are the pics.

    The water is flowing out of the octahedron, making the mobs fall all over the place.

    Also, the nearby room has a destroyed floor. 2012-02-15_19.42.12.png 2012-02-15_19.42.12.png 2012-02-15_19.42.36.png 2012-02-15_19.42.43.png

    I'd fix this, but i lack the materials and the know how.
  2. This has been happening a lot lately. It has happened twice today already:(. I don't see why these grievers would risk getting banned from this awesome server just to make others miserable...
  3. They have no life.
  4. Its so sad, I just started playing in the octahedron.

    I think the increased attention was caused by texp and more people trying to level up.
  5. Possibly not grief actually, Maybe its the "natural" griefer of the game at work, the creeper
  6. So maybe a freak accident?

    Maybe they need to make the bottom of the octahedron out of obsidian.
  7. It wasn't a "natural griefer" as you say. The way it was destroyed was not a creeper explosion. The time it got griefed before this there was netheraack everywhere from the griever trying to block it up
  8. Their also a Nether portal a little off from the spawner also creeper won't explose up in the spawner unless someone is close to the entrance so someone is doing this on purpose

    EDIT: Just checked out the octahedron and it just been fixed , Thank You kind people
  9. Creepers are an excellent way to destroy a mob "spawner". I recommend real mob spawners,
  10. Seems to be fixed now.

    As you guys have said, it was probably a creeper explosion.

    I really want to make my own spawner on smp4 hmmm.... (I'll save it for another thread :p).