Ocelots spawning in Town now?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by sgx2000, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. either they are spawning or someone just broke a bunch of eggs because there are a ton now on smp9 in Town near my res and they are having babies.
  2. Someone probably broke a bunch of eggs.
  3. no, they are definitely spawning. i'm watching it happen. my res must be in a jungle biome because there are a ton of ocelots now.
  4. You can use the F3 button to check you're biome.
  5. wow. ocelots spawning in town is gonna get crazy because they are insatiable and completely uncontrollable.
  6. Fence in your res. Let them breed like mad, then egg and auction off a double chest!:)
  7. one thing i will say is if you leave the ocelots on here for a week or so they might be able to kill all the stray chickens wandering around lol
  8. any word on this? is this gonna stay this way for awhile?

    i ask because it seems to have stopped, don't see any ocelots now. also don't see any squid. could be a coincidence, just curious if it got turned off now?
  9. I would say you had the 'ghost of a cow' haunting your residence yesterday in an attempt to escape the chaos of the forums...
  10. Iron golems are spawning in town, also
  11. Yay!
  12. This is madness! I must bring my fire sword to smp9 right away!