Ocean Temple!

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  1. So I was thinking I enjoy clearing ocean temples for the loot and the fun of it. Then I thought why not do it with someone. So I am asking is there anyone who would like to destroy ocean temples with me. If so then just pm me and we will talk. The reason I would like to do this is because it takes so long to do it alone. There also may be more then 2 of us doing it. If you get the job you have to agree in the end well will split the loot equally with whoever helps. The loot may not be taken before we are completely done. So if you would like to join just pm me and we will talk. Also if you know of a location of one and your in the team there will be a pm between whoever is part of my team and you can post cords and we will all go out there and tear it down. That was my little rant about that so hoping to see some people join the team and have fun with me.
  2. Not a bad idea, sign me up :D
  3. I generally like to raid ocean temples as well. As you say, easier with 2+ people. Count me in. :)
  4. They always kill me :confused: I'd be stoked to learn!
  5. I'd like to join. However I have never killed a Guardian Boss before.
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  6. If you still want more players, I want to join. I am too scared to go in a ocean temple alone. :p I think I will drown or suffocate in gravel, something stupid like that. :)
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  7. Lol. That's funny. Same. Im afraid that squids will kill me.