Ocean Monument Shop 1.8 ITEMS 943

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  1. Today I have opened a new shop located on SMP1 Residence 943.

    The theme is an Ocean Monument as you can tell from the title.

    Owners: Myself, Drowpassed(his residence :p), lizardking_

    Within the shop for sale is both Prismarine blocks and Bricks. Sponges. Sea Lanterns. Dark Prismarine.

    You can buy/sell all you prismarine as there are four DCs for each varying in prices.
    (see pictures below)

    Remember SMP1 Res 943!

    Current Stock updated: May 14, 2015
    SPONGE: 2 :p
    SEA LANTERN: sold out
    DARK PRISMARINE: ~6 stacks

    Prices are as follows:
    Sponges: 1,000r each
    Buying for 500r each

    Sea Lanterns: 250r Each (currently not buying)

    Dark Prismarine: 24r each 1,8 quantities
    Buying for 18r each

    Prismarine Blocks
    Selling for 2-5r each in 8,64 quantities
    Buying for 75% of sell price

    Prismarine Bricks
    Selling for 7-10r each in 8,64 quantites
    Buying for 75% of sell price

    *Disclaimer: If I find you flipping my stuff for profit (i.e. sponges) you will lose /move perms

    Contact drowpassed via PM for bulk orders

    Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 7.07.13 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 3.22.28 PM.png

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  2. awesome!! I'm buying 1.8 items so I'll check it out ;)
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  3. I would also like to note for all 1.8 item sellers:

    Prismarine bricks may be easy to get but it is the only ocean thing block that cannot be crafted (see http://www.minecraft-crafting.net/). Just wanted to point this out since everyone is demolishing these temples eventually these blocks will be the more expensive ones.


    Nice shop too, dont have access to smp1 town but your prices seem to be where they are currently at. :)
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  4. They can all be crafted according to this: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Prismarine
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  6. thanks I'm trying to keep them relatively cheap to keep business flowing :)

    Currently i have little stock until I get off my butt and get my prismarine from my frontier outpost :p but I'm still happy to buy lots of prismarine from players :)
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  7. :p I got no prismarine so i might buy it out.......
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  8. Just restocked 2 DC of both prismarine bricks and blocks. As well as a stack of sponges and 4 stacks of sea lanterns! Come get em while they are here!!
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  9. I need sponge! :)
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  10. while they can be crafted, someone would need to have a hardcore guardian farm to get enough shards to craft them

    I think anything from a temple is bound to be pretty rare, with dark prismarine, lanterns, and sponge being the most rare
  11. Sure would ;)
  12. Dark prismarine has just been added! Have about 20 stacks in stock!
  13. Restocked on sponges and dark prismarine!
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  14. Lowered sponge price to 1k each! Now also buying sponges for 500r!