Obsidian Gens?

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Is It Fair?

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  1. As we know Sand Gens are banned due to the fact that sand comes from Air but Obsidian is made from water landing on a lava source. People make gens of these but! Use redstone to make it such as water flowing into the redstone but not breaking it, and then placing lava. So my question is are they fair?

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  2. Well, I think they are fair
  3. Explain
  4. Obsidian generators use a natural game process to turn redstone or lava into obsidian. They always 'use up' the redstone or lava in this process.

    Sand duplicators use a game glitch to force the sand or gravel into creation, making it out of thin air. These devices regularly cause lag and are not fair to the SMP french vanilla style that EMC is. :)
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  5. Ok Thanks! Can you lock the thread?
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