Obletops 21st bday bash!!! [PRIZES]

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should we do this again next year

yeah I like fun things 6 vote(s) 100.0%
nope IDC 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. Event Type: Quiz marathon.
    Event Description: I will be asking questions on certain subject. the subject will change every half hour on the dot. after 25 minuets of questions ill announce the winner of that half hour to claim their prize from a marked chest. The player who answers the most questions correctly within that subject wins. we will take a short 5 min break while they claim their prize(s). will only take answers that use chat /c r as to not spam the town, if the correct answer is said in town chat it will be ignored and only accept residence chat answers. The day before i will give Rainbowchin an answer sheet or annother staff member if chin doesnt want to have it.
    Event Time: I will be busy on my actual birthday but i wanna celebrate it with you guys so Im gonna do it on July 26th( the day after my birthday). Start time will be 11 am emc/est. here is a list of subjects and time (est)
    11- minecraft
    1130- Mario series (nintendo series)
    12 Steven UNiverse
    1230- Legend of zelda (nintendo series)
    1 music theory
    130 Dragon ball (not DBZ just normal DB)
    2 Youtubers
    230 Zootopia
    3 Inuyasha
    330 pokemon (nintendo series)
    Event Location: on /v Obletop on smp5
    Prizes: everyone who wins (10 players) 21 emeralds (because thats how old i will be) and a shot of Kaluha (a milk bucket renamed Kaluha because i can now drink legally, USA, if underage please dont drink irl as it is illegal. and I dont condone this, just only in game because it wont affect you irl.) and any prizes that are donated to that subject of questions.
    Donations: If wanting to donate prizes go to /v obletop on smp5 and put in the access chest of your choice of subject. will be set up like the prize place at firefloor events.
  2. also able to preview prize chests
  3. I will try, but still figuring out how to log back in to minecraft :(
  4. i would be glad to help you try to fix your issue
  5. i will probably only win the minecraft part :p
  6. wiil try to be there!

  7. I just got a job so Rescheduling same times for July 24th. also changed it above.
  8. We will see if I can get my tail there.
  9. again the date is changed to the 24th
  10. im thinking about 20 questions each round with 5 extra for tie breakers and extra time what do you guys think
  11. back on original dsate i dont start my job till august
  12. I hope i can attend this , I'll have to see my schedule :)
  13. get ready guys for in the morning!
  14. changing it to 15 questions total
  15. changing Inuyasha catagory to Magic the Gathering
  16. You can edit your original post :p
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  17. its being weird and not letting me so the least i can do is a reply lol
  18. canceled half way through because of bad turnout
  19. Sorry I couldnt make it to first half, was up late last night working on a IRL issue. :c