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  1. Hey everyone. As a lot of people know TehSpiders was one of the super originals that helped get EMC off the ground as one of the people who was at EMC before we knew there was going to be an EMC. Both of us have recently passed our 650 day mark on EMC and decided it would be fun to do an AMA that all the cool kids are doing these days. However, we want to do it in a fun unique way and will be answering them in the form of a video. Therefore, we'll let everyone build up a big pool of questions and then proceed to answer a bunch of them all at once in video form. Feel free to ask us anything regarding us, our hobbies, EMC, OBAMGaming, etc.

    We'll give shoutouts to the question creators in the video as we answer them and may even hold some sort of drawing when it's all done for something cool if we can come up with a neat idea.

    Try and keep it as organized as possible and prefix each question with whom you want to answer it if it's specific to one of us.

    Please keep only one post total. If you want to ask more than one question, just do it in the form of a list in your post, which can be easily done using the text tools above the text box.

    Thanks. :)

    PS - For those who don't know AMA means (Ask Me Anything).
  2. FIRST just had to xD
    EDIT: I am asking this to all of OBAMgaming.
    What made you join EMC?
    • Are you really both animals?
    • Who's the biggest troll?
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  3. Thug life or slug life?
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  4. What is your opinion on flying pigs?
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  5. When you did you realize EMC going to be the best sever in the world and what was your reaction?
  6. What's a dumb question?
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  7. [To ISMOOCH] Do you think I'm pretty?
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  8. lol i thought it was just ice cream
  9. how much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
  10. If you could go anywhere in the world, what colour would it be?
    • do you have girlfriend here in vietnam?
    • is it possibro to join the obamgaming team?
    • whats your favorite lets play?
    • whats your favorite texture pack?
    • make spiders talk more in videos
  11. Do you guys like potatoes?
    I swear if you don't..
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  12. (Icc)

    Of all the hurdles EMC has gone over, what obstacle seemed the hardest to you. How did you personally deal with thatch hurdle? Was there ever a point where it seemed like, because of things like GameKrib
    , EMC was going to sizzle out?


    You quite inactive for a large portion of your membership. That happens to a lot of us at some point, myself included. But what ultimately brought you back? There were major differences between the EMC you left, and the EMC you came back to, what were some of the biggest changes you noticed? Did you like these changes? We're there things from the older days you still wish were a part of the server?

    That should do I think.
  13. If I have three pencils and you have two apples, how many pancakes can we fit on the roof?
    What would you do if Aikar went insane and made an SMP.economyminecraft.com server?
    What happened to your purple icecreamcow picture falling out of a roof?
  14. On Average, How many times do you get sworn at in one of your Stabbin' ....... Episodes
  15. This is not a sentence.
    Is the above statement true?
  16. How was the routine for milking cows for milk discovered?
    How do I successfully become a Justin Bieber fan? (Not that Id ever want to)
    What is the dumbest rumor you've heard about yourself?
    In Canada is it bacon or Canadian bacon?

    If you knew today was your last day on earth, how would you spend it?
    Name the most effective ways to kill a zombie.
    If the Zombie apocalypse began, what would you do in order to survive?
    What is the meaning of life?
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  17. What is the best prank you've ever pulled on one of your fellow staff members? (ICC)
    George's dad had three children, April, May and who? (Spiders)
  18. Will you ever play as gamekribjeremy ever again?