OBAMGamaing, Gta5 and you !

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  1. Ok So with the gta5 Online being out OBAMGaming is open recruiting for the Gta5 Crew. Click the following link and sign up with "Rockstar Social Club " and sign up for the OBAM crew and join fellow EMC player in GTA5.


    Playstation 3 and Xbox360 alike

    Also if you would like to add me on PSN same user tag "Deathtomb8953"

    just add a note " From emc with your in game name" or ill just ignore it
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  2. Already in it :)
  3. Once I get on my Xbox I will join
  4. You can join from the site if you make an account.
  5. I signed up. Hopefully getting gta5 soon. ;)
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  6. bumpage tell yo friends!
  7. I know, but I can't remember my login information XD
  8. I'm on xbox same username as my MC. Might be on tonight so let's have some fun...
  9. :/ no one on PS3...
  10. have a reread of the OP there :)
  11. common need some people on ps3 here people !
  12. Added (PSN: Dj__Krazy) games I play : DCUO (GTA V coming soon)...
  13. sadly I have a PC and a Wii U so I can't play, however it would be cool to have obamgaming to do this for their series so anyone can join in their videos (also check the title for spelling :p )
  14. Just joined, PS3. Same username so feel free to add me anyone. Death I'll try to send you a PSN request soonish.

    EDIT: Also, the fact the IcC has already logged 13 days worth of playtime worries me XD
  15. I got PS3...no Gta V lol
  16. I think 12 of those days was me being afk while my character was stuck in the tutorial loading screen. -_-

    I'm not kidding.
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  17. sad but too ture
  18. Just going to give this a little bump. I just tried out GTA online last night, and somewhat unsuprisingly almost everyone on online is a complete douchbag :p If anyone on PS3 wants to play, that would be great. :)
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  19. Thats what happens when this games mentality is as it is. :p
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