[OBAM Let's Play] The Wither's Challenge

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  1. Did this one a short while ago by Hypixel. It was short but fun. Basically a "wave" type game until you hit the final boss.

    There are a few moments of harsh language in the videos, so if that's not your thing, here is your warning.

  2. I cannot believe I was just searching you up on youtube then you poste this, is is an interesting, and lucky day!

    EDIT: love ur vids, btw
  3. NIce! not sure about the languages used in your cod video :/
  4. Haha, yeah, def not as bad as those. I'm not big on swearing myself, though it does slip out now and then. However, the COD vids are reactions of others and not really us, haha. I couldn't imagine saying half the stuff they do, lol.
  5. As a regular COD player like myself, I have to say the plays aren't that amazing :p.