[OBAM Let's Play] Herobrine's Return

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  1. OBAM Gaming is a brand I created back in my Team Fortress 2 days. We've recently brought it back and are now going by that for our YT channel. Anytime you see a video series posted here prefixed with "OBAM" or "OBAM Gaming" will most likely involve me for sure and one or a few friends. This thread is dedicated to our Let's Play of "Herobrine's Return" by Hypixel.

    There are a few moments of harsh language in the videos, so if that's not your thing, here is your warning. :)

    First 3 videos will be posted in this main post as that's what's up so far and we'll add new ones in future posts in this thread.

    Also, feel free to go and subscribe to us:
    https://www.youtube.com/obamgaming for more Minecraft, Call of Duty, and other games.

  2. Wow! Cool!
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  3. In the first one, you made Herobrines voice like the cookie monster.

  4. I still love your intro animation IceCreamCow
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  5. Thanks. I might change it up...playing with a few other cool ones. (Templates are premade, but I have to edit them to "fit" us.)
  6. Mad slamdunk skillz with those keys and hoppers :)

    And I guess now we know why he's called "Belchmaster". Though at 12:56 "Read it Josh!" "NNN I'M FIGHTING!" sounds like Kermit the frog. >.>

    Really enjoy these :D
  7. Finally you upload something minecraft related, it had been like 2 weeks lol.
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  8. Yeah, we have so many series going at one time usually it's hard to pick and choose. Eventually we'll probably have a schedule of some sort.
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  9. every time I see "OBAM gaming" I think of "Obama gaming".. Then I shudder.. Glad you chose OBAM not OBAMA :p
  10. IcC why u no eats..... you always almost die due to hunger xD
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  11. Yes I know! I pay no attention to it while I play then I watch it while editing like, "WHY AREN'T I EATING??"
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  12. We had it first. Hopefully this sorry excuse for a President is gone soon so our name isn't associated with it anymore, lol.
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  14. Yes, please. lol.
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  15. [/quote]
    I really enjoyed these! So great :)
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  16. Sorry to bump IcC, but...
    You need to upload moar! :p
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  17. Hehe nice one Cow man. :)
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  18. I agree with amused. The videos were just so awesome that we want more!!!
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