o,o' ...Am I on *bonkers* or is this really happening?

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  1. Mabinogi is doing a Vocaloid event apparently and the teaser site I linked has Miku singing one of the HanStone song for the game.. I was thinking its "An Old Story from Grandma" but that seems too upbeat, unless it is an acoustic version with Miku singing lyrics.. o,o'

    EDIT: It is "Eternal" which is basically Mabinogi's Theme.
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  2. You're on *bonkers*...
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  3. definitely on *bonkers*

    why aren't you sharing?
  4. My skin ATM is Hatsune Miku and me and my friend like to listen to her music.
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  5. Making more *bonkers* would require me to grow more Nether Wart.. xD
  6. i must be on *bonkers* too O_O
  7. I have absolutely no idea what anyone here is talking about.....
    Maybe i'm on *bonkers* ._.
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  8. Please don't talk about Drug Usage, That does not classify as an appropriate Discussion Topic.

    Thank You
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  9. pretty sure she was just referring to aspirin