Nyan and Demon's Pixel Art Service!

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  1. Demon and I have just started a Pixel Art Service! We are pro's with all kinds of pixel art! If you want pixel art at your res please fill out this application!


    What you want:



    Can you supply materials:

    Here are some examples of what we did so far on my res!

    Demon made a Pokemon ball and a fishing rod!

    I have made a 3-D potion bottle that can hold people inside!


    Norma/simple Pixel art: 250 Rupees

    More complicated/harder Pixel art: 500 Rupees

    Potion bottles: 150 rupees

    If you want a deadline for your pixel art creation it will be 10 rupees more tan the reguler price of the pixel art.

    If you don't supply the materials it will be 60 more rupees than the regular price of the pixel art.
  2. Demon Approved ;)
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  3. I will see what you guys can do...

    I would like a 3D model of a villager HEAD., with an opening in the mouth I can step in.

    Res: 11149 smp5 (perms will be given as you ask)

    Price: watever it costs.
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  4. Can you type of people stop? Even though you are just "corrected" someones spelling, doesn't mean it isn't rude. It is just a big excuse that every uses. It is not funny, and doesn't make you cool.
  5. I totally agree with you wisepsn, Dj__Krazy has done that to almost every thread ive looked at. He looks for things to make fun of.
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  6. Guys Please no war. But I agree with the DJ_Krazy thing.
    And the ... he does.
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  8. Dude how are you going to make a business out of this? I mean it's so cheap
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  9. It is cheap because we are good at making pixel art so we want to charge little so more people will buy and buy again and we will make money :)
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  10. IGN: IronicSwordPlay
    What you want: A full sized Iron Golem (10 tall x 3 to 5 wide)
    Deadline: None
    Server/res: SMP3, /v 6271 (flags will be given once I return from the wild)
    Can you supply materials: No
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  11. Do you want it to be like a pixel art golem? Or a huge 3d one. Also 1 block = 1 pixel so most thing tend to be big.
    Also you can do /res #### pset demonthunder345 build t
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  12. I'm not bothered whichever one looks best is good for me :)
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