Nuttyknight42 Op world Lets play

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  1. Love it! You have a sweet personality and voice, keep it up man hope to see more of these!
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  2. Thank you mate.
  3. I think you might heavily profit from using video capture softwares, like for example FRAPS.
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  4. Subbed! :)

    And I agree with TheBidule, maybe check out some FRAPS or OBS - fraps is extremely easy to use - OBS takes a little bit more time to set up, but both are free!
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  5. Could a labtop run them?
  6. I look into it thanks
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  9. Got fraps still have to use it might test with empire episode.
  10. good! You'll see, it is very easy to use, and will greatly improve the quality of your channel -especially if you add a video editor software to cut out parts unwanted-.
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  11. Any free ones you know of?
  12. But you can only record 30seconds.
  13. really? Maybe you have to buy the license to record more than 30s then? I am not sure.

    But even if so, you might think about it nevertheless, that would be much better than filming your screen with your phone -a big no no for many potential viewers-.
  14. Might just record on ps4 for now?
  15. Yes, try that and we'll tell you what we thought.
  16. Working on the first ps4 ep right now.
  17. Sorry for the lack of uploads of videos. Was trying to find a great seed for ps4. Founed it.
  18. I record one video, it got render. But when i try to upload to youtube, it just does'nt want to upload.