Nutshell Knights: Pioneers Colony

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  1. Hello everyone , I present to you the opening act to Nutshell Knights.

    Nutshell Knights in short is a steam group of content creators who are passionate at what they do and are skillful at it as well.

    We open up with our first piece of work, Pioneers Colony. After 4 revisions and 20+ hours of hard work we are able to call this level complete. This level is built for a specific game mode called The Crucible, being made by our companions Mythic Servers. It's a game that existed prior to Town of Salem which holds many of the same concepts.
    I hope you enjoy this quick video showing off our hard work on the level and we hope you look into joining our steam group as well.

    Nutshell Knights or Mythic Servers do not operate anywhere within or near Minecraft so this exposure to our service/groups should not affect EMC.
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  2. Im glad to see the creations of others from the EMC Community, Great work I must say!