NUB Construction Inc. Making custom Wild Base Castles

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  1. One day i decided to go off into the wild and build a small nice castle, which turned into a huge project for me...Alot of people have been suggesting i make custom ones since posting pictures on a different thread.

    This is how it goes...I will come to your wild base or destination where you would want it to be built and you give me a idea of how it should look and what blocks would be included.
    Griefing is no problem when it comes to me. I have been here for over 400 days and have did some castles for people already so you don't have to worry, but if you have concerns please PM me.

    How many blocks i use and what blocks i use will determine the price. I will have to charge 5-50k fee to have a profit....Don't worry about how big the fee will be because i will told you before the building begins and going up to 50k which will never happen ever would have to mean I would spend alot of money and time on a certain project.

    I will discuss how it will plan to look and add in any details in the castle you would want in the inside of it.
    I will range out the price of the project beforehand so you don't have to fret.
    Mods have ok'd this so no need to ask if I can do this.

    Pictures Will be posted soon!
  2. actually i was walking around the wild and saw that castle and thought "this looks like it should be in skyrim"
    i was going to go into it but was busy >.<
  3. Wait you were at this place?
  4. Instead you should come back to us :D
  5. Never;)
  6. i believe so was it on smp 9?
  7. Nope
  8. im not sure then but i remember it clearly
  9. Would you Construct a nether railway to get between far away locations on our wild outposts