Now what...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by d1223m, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. Feeling a bit bored today... Iv got:

    * all automated farms ( as far as they can be )
    * epic XP grinder
    * epic castle
    * far too many rupees

    Now what? :(
  2. Explore a lot of the Wild, see what you can find. I found about 6 mineshafts in one conundrum before. If that's been done...I don't know, discover a new land, perhaps?

    Oh, have the 500th topic, sir, good job.
  3. Be at peace with your boredom... lol.

    Seriously, letting yourself be bored and not stressing about finding something to fill that void always leads to new inpiration eventually... and it usually doesn't take too long when you chill and let yourself get comfortable with being bored.

    Your next epic project is most likely just on the horizon... you just can't see it yet. :)
  4. I see, your saying I should knock down my castle...

  5. No.

    Stand on the highest spire of your castle and stare at the horizon for an hour... something will come up, lol.

  6. like the sun, you mean :p
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  7. mega lolz.
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