now what?

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  1. im on this site called dragoncave, i have an egg, and the help dosent help me in any way, so, wtf do i do now?
  2. lol i dont bother with those things just sad :/
  3. You put the dragon things in your signature and when they get views/clicks they grow. :)
  4. wtf is that?
  5. This is the right way. You should make it part of your sig though so it appears in every post you make.
    Personally, I don't know what the point is beyond 'just for fun' but go for it.
  6. click em if ya want (do it, or die)
  7. how do i tell if theyre rare?
  8. You should let people do as they wish as long as it doesn't hurt anyone.
  9. so, how can i tell if theyre rare?
  10. I'm not sure. I don't think any of mine ever were
  11. em.... hows that supposed to help?
  12. Scroll down to the rare section.
  13. whats a wyrvn
  14. and also, how do they grow into aldults and infants?
  15. You seem annoying...- Sorry I just had to take it out of my system.
    They get "feeded" each time someone clicks/views your eggs.. They'll grow once they have exactly 4 days left (With the amount of views/clicks needed)

    You just Get cool ones or whatever you like,Grow them,Breed them,Collect them and Trade them. That's pretty much it.
    This will help you ALOT...
  16. U know u dont have to swear all the time. :)