Now RE-OPENED! Enchantment Shop!

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  1. Ive recently returned to EMC and im Re-Opening my enchantment shop on SMP 6. 12214.

    I have Picks, Swords, Bows, And Books if youd like to use an anvil on the server.

    I also Take special orders if theres something your looking for I dont have. For example I could do an Enchanted Armour set for the nether with all Fire protection.

    Come by and check it out! :)
  2. How much would a looting fire sharpness sword my friend! And I'm still mad you tore down the archery game. Also mate, I have a respiration 1 book if you want it for a price
  3. someon cheated at my game with cray texture pack so it had to go. I have a looting 3 unbreaking 3 fire 2 sharpness 3 sword i may auctiion off tonight
  4. Auction is a no go it will go to high, I want to personally buy it from u
  5. Ill save the next one i get then and concider it an order from you
  6. im just wondering, how much would a nether set would cost?
  7. never mind i made my own. :D