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  1. Have a great shop? No one knows about it? Well that is gonna change! With a minuscule down payment of 250r, every month for 5 months i will pay you 300r to better your shop! No repay required! This service also comes with free advertising, and if your shop is very successful i will PERSONALLY sponsor it with 5,000r every second month (this will help with small things like employees) until the owner can get enough money to pay said employees by themselves.

    If you are interested in this service, please PM me with your residence number, server number, and times that you will most likely be online at.

  2. Beautiful service and thread sir. :')

  3. Wow.
    So This is like a:
    I believe that you can be succesful, but you just need the tools.
    Here is some money to help you reach your goal.
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  4. So we pay you 250r for 5 months then get 300r back every month?
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  5. thank you, kind sir.
  6. Nice finally a way for shops to get noticed and not fail in 2 weeks.
    P.S. once my shop is up and running i'll be in contact

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  7. can i pay you to advertise my shop? help get stockers etc.?
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  8. Ok! I need this service!
    Send me a PM don't talk about it here if you can do it for me.
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  9. Oh iam very sorry I didnt know that
  10. Haha
  11. The "video" above is a .gif file!
  12. Update: This is still Being run.
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  13. Dat 1 year bump. :D
    Still a great idea dough.
  14. Cool. Like the idea, don't understand the payment part at all, but that doesn't matter to me.

    Talk to you about it later, I'm planning something similar.
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