Now open - 4005 SMP2 suppliers sell shop.

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  1. Hey guys,
    I have finally finished creating a sell shop under my massive store at 4005, just letting you know - it's a great way to earn fast rupees, and depending on how much you sell, I can pay more.

    HOW IT WORKS: The shop is divided into 2 sections - everyone and loyals. In the everyone section, anyone can sell to me for a fixed price (the :sell price on the signs). To earn access to the loyals section, you must sell a total of 1 large chest of items to the chests in the "everyone" section.

    Once you have earned access to "loyals" I pay more rupees for the items you sell to me, again on the :sell signs.

    Please note: if you are in-active for a certain number of days, your access will be lost.

    Please stop by and sell me as much as you like, it's a great way for y'all to earn some easy rupees with almost no work needing to be done. So far I buy: Cobble, logs, sand/sandstone and coal. Subject to change is a matter of demand.

    Thank you,
    - Alex.
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  2. Now paying more for all logs, cobblestone, coal and sand/sandstone :)
  3. Sounds cool I'll check it out later
  4. This looks interesting I'll be coming to check your prices for sure ;)
  5. I'm on a different server, so how will having access to the loyals section work? Like, how long will it stay that way since I'm not on smp2?

    Edit: Also, we need to sell all the same item, right? Or can it be a mix of things, as long as it's all a double chest of items?
  6. I should have said; I'm re-doing it at the moment, but that's how it has worked for the past few weeks. I had to pay more, because the amount of items sold has dropped. The loyals section is currently open for everyone whilst I remake it.

    You have access as long as you stay active, no matter what server you are from. And yes, you sell 1 large chest total. Remember, I only buy cobble, sand/sandstone, coal and all logs.

    I also have another supplier system coming out soon. :)
  7. i'll visit some time. i think i have some spare cobble.
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  8. I've got plenty of cobble. I'll just fill up a double chest and try to sell it all at once. :p
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  9. I'd LOVE logs too! :D
  10. Finished upgrading the shop, check it out :)