Now I am an "Old Timer" . . .

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  1. and I feel it's high time to introduce myself, my nephews Justin_72 and Marvin_72 and their friend Luis__72. Be warned, that's gonna be a long post!

    The magic number 72 means we joined the Minecraft community when I was 72 (I'm 74 now and very likely the oldest player here :eek:). And a year ago I joined EMC and shortly thereafter brought in the other 3, and together we are Group72, who built City72 (in the north of SMP5 town), which is 4 plots with birch tree towers, all connected overground and underground, and a few empty plots around them to make the beauty of City72 easily visible :rolleyes:.

    Why I am still on EMC after a year? It's because of the mature staff, a few mature players, the "enhanced vanilla MC" in the wild and the effective capture of griefers. Have been trying a lot of servers. Most suffer from being too far away from classic Minecraft and/or made unplayable through the childish babble/behaviour of the little kids who think they can play Minecraft.

    The more I learn here the more I'm convinced that Notch never meant the game for kids below 14. During the last few days, the reborn :) NZScruffy introduced me into the computations neccessary and conditions to be met to optimize a big iron farm -- that's not for kids who have problems nowadays to understand what they read, if they read at all!

    So we intend to stay until either 1.8 is introduced or Aikar can't maintain Spigot anymore or Microsoft does some weird things to the game.

    Now you probably ask: "Grauhaar, isn't it time now for same celebration?"
    Yes, it is. Unfortunately, I am just too busy to get my gear together to go to Africa until mid-January where I support a NGO which finds and supports foster parents for orphans in Namibia. And yes, we use Minecraft heavily there to teach children how to read and write English and do simple mathematics, however, the Internet bandwidth will be such that I might not even able to do my daily votes, lest real multiplayer gaming.

    But don't panic! Celebration is not cancelled, just delayed until I'm back (hopefully Ebola-free).

    Btw, Group72 is all Germans, so bear with us concerning our English. At least we never write "greif" or "theif" :D.
  2. Nice, I love seeing all age ranges represented here on EMC! It gives this server a great depth of the experiences that all the players share. And as for the celebration, take all the time you need, those children in Africa need you! We can celebrate when you get back, and I think something like that does call for celebration.

    If you need any help with derelict protection while you're gone, contact staff about it. I'm sure they would be more than happy to allow you derelict protection while you are away.

    Hope to talk to you in-game sometime soon, and have a nice day. :D
  3. Thanks for your considertion, BlackKnight. We are all supporters, so there should not be a derelict problem.
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  4. Hello there, and nice to meet you!

    I have to ask, why stay only until 1.8 comes out? I am kind of scratching my head at this one.
    I have tested it out a bit and don't see that much different as compared to 1.7.X.
    Is it due to the way farms are recognized? I am sure there will be more methods though!
    Anyhow, ya that NZScruffy is fun, isn't he.

    I laughed when you said "or Microsoft does some weird things to the game." I think that most of us are waiting to see what they do!

    Wow, be safe there for sure, and thanks for doing good on this earth in your travels.
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  5. Hi Grauhaar, nice to meet you and it is especially nice to see older players like myself. Wish you all the best on your trip and a safe return.:)
  6. I love seeing mature adults playing games. I am very glad you are still having fun.
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