Now I am a real Empire Minecrafter!

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  1. Today I am happy to say that I got my 118 trophy points! YAY
    And yeah, 1000 posts are many! It took me like a 7 weeks to do that, and so, so many time xD
    I am really enjoying it here and I like it that all people are nice to me, :p
    And with that I will be giving a FORTUNE III PICKAXE!
    The one that will have the pick is the one that is the nicest to me :D (think like donations, likes, etc.)

    Thanks for all!
  2. Is this just a way to make rupees? lol :D
  3. xD lol
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  4. I am just happy with my 1000 posts! :D
  5. Congrats!
    ( You know i like your comments ) ;)
  6. Yeah, yeah!
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  7. Caught you!! xD

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  8. Your very good at photoshop.
  9. For the last time, it is NOT photoshop!! :p

    (I said this before, right?) :p
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  10. Nope, just no xD, got this more times!
  11. Congrats on the 1k posts
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  12. Yup, thanks, now I will be post some less posts, because I am now a awesome guy :p
  13. you dont need 1k to be awesome you need 1337
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  14. Why? Yeah, let's do that goal for 3 weeks xD
  15. I am still posting frequently on this site!
  16. Congratz on the achievement. :)
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  17. Congratz Mark!!!
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  18. congrats!
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