[Now Hiring]Mega Mall Stock Team

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  1. Hello EMC Members as some of you might know I am a proud mall owner and things are getting hard to keep up with.... Im looking for 2-3 Members that will be willing to go out in the wild and gather, afk at farms, Breed animals, etc.
    So How it works.... Each chest I have in the mall that i need help stocking (which is most of them)
    has a preview sign on it so you can check the inventory and see how much or what needs stocked.
    I have a workers Residence with you will put the items at and that is how i keep track of who's bringing in what, its important to carry your weight so we can all make rupees!
    You will get paid off what u are bringing in based off my prices, marked down 38%. plus a weekly pay every thursday of 5k for being apart of team budha!
    Right now the mall it temporarily closed, due to low stock and customer complaints, and i apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused some of you! So step-up and help a brother out!
    You can view the mall if you would like to is on smp7 /v budha1992 that isnt the mall res but since the move flag is off u will have to see t from there!
    So if you are interested in joining respond to forum
    Tell me Why or how you can help me out!
    I will PM you if I think your qualified (must have been on emc for at least 2months to Qualify)
  2. Hey Budha!

    Some weeks ago, when enough of my new mall was finished, I was worried about how the stocking will go.
    Then I've posted this and within few days my life changed completely. ;)
    The shop stock was rapidly growing and my rupee account rapidly melting.
    From that experience I can only suggest to open the mall and adjust the buy-prices :)

    HTH :)
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  3. Could I be one of the members or am I still one?
  4. you still are one but u need to stock more also they pay is diffrent if u see the thread so u get more depending on what ur bringin in
  5. Budha, can I be a stock member? I have so much stuff but I too lazy to build a shop.