Now Hiring for the MCDS

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  1. MCDS or Minecraft Delivery Service is a business that will provide a delivery service to the wild.

    We also deliver supplies to you while you work.

    For example Lets say your mining and your pickaxe broke. If you contact usmwe will deliver you a replacement pick and take your stuff back to your res. (if you have an MCDS approved mailbox)

    currently we have a branch in these servers

    SMP8 (Main Branch)(Owned by Dsmario64)
    SMP7(Owned by TheKeyOfStupid54)
    SMP5(Owned by PenguinDJ)
    SMP1(Owned by ScarTheNinja)
    utopia(Owned by leontang)

    We need help to spread this service into all the servers.

    To all Branch owners once your done with tutorial stuff go back to my res.
  2. I can start off the branch in smp1 if you want :)
  3. Ok You will get a book and q in game that tells you what to do
  4. Can you put an [access] chest on your res on smp8 and i'll pick it up later
  5. I take it your res is 16021?
  6. Yes
    btw go to tutorial first
  7. il make a branch on 7 :)
  8. meh come to ur res mario...
  9. Wait I may have an SMP7 Branch owner
  10. I can see a greifing problem with this..
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  11. I'll start an smp5 branch.
  12. May be but ill monitor closely
  13. Come by my res
  14. I could use something like this on SMP2 in the near future.
  15. Just bring a extra pick when you go mining:p
  16. i can do SMP6
  17. Come by my res if you want to own a server branch
    If i am not there read and do the tutorial stuff
  18. cant right now sorry im not home im at work with my dad on a computer that i cant play minecrfat on :(