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  1. hello
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  2. Welcome to the Empire
  3. lol eh.. Welcome? or i don't know what to say :p

    Welcome to EMC and have a great time
  4. thanks
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  5. no problem...
    i live on smp1/3/9 :D
    visit me on smp9 18007 :D
  6. hi im hikun24's brother
  7. Welcome!
  8. i live on smp3 res num 6565
  9. ok my smp3 res is 6838 come look :D
  10. im in your plot brennian
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  11. it's my jungle still WIP (work in progress)
  12. im on your plot in smp3 where are u?
  13. in bed LOL not on Mc
  14. where are u?
  15. i dont see u in smp3 res num 6838