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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by marknaaijer, Jun 19, 2013.

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  1. I'm too stupid to live on this planet.

    I just made the best armor possible, all protection 4, unbreaking 3, and all the other stuff, except for thorns. And, was so funny to walk around the outpost and die with the armor in my inventory.

    You know what, I happened to die from a single zombie.

    I lost everyting.

    Now I hate myself and this game and this laptop and everything I touch right now.

    *rage picture isn't enough for my stupidness*
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  2. Just... Walk outside and get it?
  3. I didn't remember the place. Otherwise I wouldn't have lost it.
  4. Right.
  5. This deserves a facepalm
  6. Just my reaction.

    But, massive thanks to Jakres by finding most of it back, was just looking wrong (even bigger facepalm), just lost the leggings.

    I am ashamed and I should feel ashamed.
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  7. Locked at OP's request. :)
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