Note for anyone who has a natural grinder (or wants witches)

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  1. Hey, community,
    Just a note for people who have natural grinders, or want witch drops (as the title suggests). Once the server is updated to 1.7, witches will spawn in your natural grinders. This seems good, but can clog your grinder because witches take about 6 (I think 6, maybe more) more blocks of fall damage to kill. So if you are in it for the drops, you can use water to push out the living witches and have them die elsewhere to get the drops separately. This also means that witch farms that do not use huts can be built.
    (Also, water does not drown witches, they drink waterbreathing potions.)
    Happy grinder fixing,
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  2. That is not true YET. We are on a fake 1.7 hack so that does not affect us yet.
  3. He didn't say now
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  4. Would Witch Hut's still spawn witches? Will they even be there still?
  5. Yes
  6. Which witch is which?!?!

    Yeah my current witch farm will be kinda borken :(. So sad.