Note Block Songs Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

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  1. As some of you may know and if u don't know you should check it out. At my mall on smp7 /v +budha I now have the entire song in note blocks radioactive it took some time but it paid off, sounds great and about 3 min 30 sec long I'll have pictures to post on her later but for now check it out pretty cool and lots of work I have to give the credit for the schematic to fed x gaming check him out on YouTube he does lots of short doorbell tutorials.
  2. Oh my gosh I'm adding that to my list of things to visit because I love that song :p
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  3. what smp?
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  4. I will be sure to make a visit :)
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  5. Wow. Very impressive. :D
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  6. Wow, This is really cool! I have tried to do things like this but I can never get it to sound right.
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  7. Thanks guys it helps if u know how to read music makes it easier to convert it with out all the extra programs needed to convert it to a schematic
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  8. Man, this is awesome. And I'm a huge imagine dragons fanboy too. =P
    Congrats on finishing it!
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  9. I make doorbells for friends and have helped a few troubleshoot theirs. If anyone wants a doorbell, hit me up on smp2 and I can help build them.
  10. The most I've ever done is Fed X Gaming's Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows...
    Yours is much more impressive :p
  11. So I just went to see this, and I am, well amazed. Awesome build! This must've taken a ton of time and effort, but it certainly paid off in the end for such a fantastic note block tune.
  12. Awesome! Its pretty funny, my brother is listening to it right now. :) I will check it out.
  13. Thanks a lot guys and yes to about a week
  14. I saw it today... I was quite impressed... Now the question I wanted to ask... How much time did that took you?