Notch's Ludlum Dare entry: Minicraft

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Twitch1, Dec 21, 2011.

  1. I screwed up the spelling... It is Ludum Dare...

    Hey all, figured I would let you all in on a little gem that Notch has developed for this Ludum Dare.
    It is Minicraft :) I am hooked on it. It is very fun, but unforgiving if you die... Minicraft.png
    I have been playing it since the initial release of the game when you had all the items and there were no caves. :)Now it has caves, tiered Zombie levels, tiered Slime levels, upgradeable equipment and a boss.. :)

    Merry Christmas everyone... I am kinda loopy from the pain meds so I wont be on much today...
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  2. How do you get/play this?
  3. Click on the link Minicraft up there :)
  4. Nice find Twitch. It felt like the first time I tried a Game Boy color :D. You were right about the unforgiving part though :eek:.

    And btw, I know this isn't the place in the forum for this, but I see you talking a lot about your medication. Is that related to your military duty in any way? I may be a bit intrusive, but this detail caught my eye.
  5. That is an awesome little game, i want it on my iphone 4!
  6. I followed the progress of this via twitter, it's an awesome little game. I'd definitely pay a couple of £ for this on my phone. It's what pocket minecraft should be!
  7. Thanks for this Twitch, I like it a lot :)
  8. This is really cool. I wish I could get the same setup I got in my 3rd or 4th game. If I had been able to do what I know how to do now, I would have done pretty well!