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  1. Notch Gives $3 Million to Mojang Employees

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    You read it right - Instead of pocketing his sizable dividends, Markus "Notch" Persson distributed nearly 3 million dollars to fellow Mojang employees! He stated that his fellow employees (often referred to as "Mojangstas") are "a massive part of the reason Mojang is the best place on earth to work at right now." There are 25 employees working at Mojang - you see can see them all right here!

    Since launch, Minecraft has generated approximately $100 million in revenue, covering the spectrum of Alpha, Beta and Full Release sales for the PC version of the game, as well as the highly popular Pocket Edition, which is currently available for Android and iOS handsets. The XBox Live Arcade version of the indie blockbuster is expected to see release this year - and if the popularity of the PC and handheld game are any indication, this figure is likely to rise dramatically.

    For those of you curious what a "dividend" means in everyday terms, it is basically a form of payment made by a corporation (paid regularly, typically quarterly) to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves). For Notch, this means "money paid to him by Mojang as a shareholder". So, Notch has taken the available dividends paid to him for the fiscal year of 2011, and distributed them among his fellow staff members, rather than take it home himself.

    It is truly moving in this day and age to see such generosity from one man, especially one as successful as Notch. That a single gesture can even move a fellow co-worker to tears speaks volumes about the impact his offering has had on his teammates - perhaps, we can all look to this as an example of selfless generosity, and emulate it in kind.
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  2. :D First One To Comment:D
  3. Need to edit that to put myself in there.. Yeah, I was.. uhm.. the guy that watered the office plants.. or something.
  4. He's a pretty good role model I think. He's taken to success very well, following him on twitter he seems like just another friendly guy I would know from school or something, except he's not. I think he loves what he does, making video games with a great team of friends that work with him. In that sense, I think to notch, his mojang team is far more valuable to him than 3 million dollars.
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  5. WOOT!I want That amount of money for creating a video
  6. WOW. First he created a awesome game called Minecraft. Then he gives he's employees 3 MILLION dollars.
    There cant be another so awesome person!