Not your typical candy/toys!

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  1. The amount of things I saw were Fab! Thought I would share.
    Nothing like a laser etched metal build. If yall are interested let me know and I will post the finished metallic HALO build!


    Lance got the 'purple' keychain, but it looks pink.
    Someone I know would enjoy this keychain more than a Lance would.
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  2. Nice!!! Swag!!!
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  3. I see you found the world of Japanese candy... Careful because if you go any deeper, you will find some freaky stuff (Trust me I'm japanese)
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  4. Swag Indeed!

    I work near an edge where a large amount of Asian population is at, hence fun marketplaces.
    And completely correct, not only candy, but loads of fun things.
    I will try to show the assembled steel warthog built out of flattened sheet steel if people are interested.

    Ohhhh can you read the packaging ?!?!?!?

    Lance usually wings measurements that Lance does not understand!

    UNSC 4 life!