Not sure if this has been addressed or not but...

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  1. Has any of the admin ever given any thought to lockable doors? I was on another server a short while before EMC took over my life and they had lockable doors, and password protection as well...
  2. On your residence everything is protected and no one can open any off your doors. Unless you give some one use perm, which means they are able to open your doors. If you do give use perm and you don't want them opening some doors on a sign go [access]
  3. What zSlumDog said plus: in the wild you can also lock doors with a [lock] sign. Not sure what the point would be with a lockable wild door, though, since someone can easily just break the stuff around them.
  4. and if your on about locking doors in wild no point because people would just dig around the door
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  5. Snap :3
  6. Yea I understand that.
    I did not know the lock signs worked for doors too. I was more or less asking for wild purposes for if you shared a camp with someone but now I know. Thanks Edmund. :)
  7. I've never actually tried it, but I'm pretty sure I read that doors were among the items that could be locked.
  8. I think they are, but as you say, it's an expensive way of doing something pointless. People will just dig around and replace blocks if they're good enough, or just smash a freakin' great hole if they're not. :D
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  9. It does not work.

  10. Well you could always stick the sign up anyway for all the good it would have done. Trust to the honest nature of the EMC player not to try and open it, then if they do, they find the lava hidden above the door on the other side released by a pressure plate operated piston. :D
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  11. Yea I know. I have a camp in the wild and I have built housing for me and the other members out there, I was just wondering for convenience purposes. We already have about 18 locked chests so I guess locked doors WOULD be pointless.
  12. That would be PvP, silly. And PvP is a bannable offense. :p
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  13. I stand corrected.
  14. I wish there was a way to protect what you build, yes I know in town everything is protected :p, but I love the survival aspect of the game and I have about 80+ hrs in my wild camp.
  15. No it's not, silly. That's Player Versus Falling Tower Of Molten Lava Placed There By An Owner Who Likes To Have A Hot Shower Of Fire When They Enter Their Home To Freshen Up After A Hard Days Mining.

    Totally different thing.

  16. I agree^^

    I also like to go for a 35 foot drop if I try to open one of my chests, but I was told that was PvP too. :p
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  18. +1000 likes! I could make that the "entry way" to my camp!
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  19. Locking Doors doesn't work. I tried it like 10 times.