Not so active on emc anymore

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  1. So I think that its time to say this but i will be on emc rarely now. i have too much to do to be able to keep up so I will be on a lot less than before. if i do completely leave (not likely) i will inform everyone.
    so in the end i fell that my 319 days on emc is a good acheivment . remember im not leaving
  2. Oh the other reason is that i have lost many of my emc friends and people are more concerned about the economy than about having fun it seems
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  3. Making money is ffun! If you lose it... it's fun to make it again! That's why I love donating... gives me something to do, mining, grinding, chopping! All the fun things to do to make stuff awesome :D
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  4. Solution: Make new friends
  5. i too have simular thoughts... i will not leave... but i think a break from smp is what i need.
  6. You're right on everyone focusing on the economy instead of the game. Originally it was like "cool! you can make shops! maybe I'll make one later." Now it's "MUST make shop! need rupees!"
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  7. you should see ________ eveyone is like "can some one PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! give me 1000 dollers?!?!?!?!?!?!?" so its not that bad
  8. its just that everyone wants rupees... it has become such a key part of emc that i think it rules over everything..
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  10. I have hit this proverbial wall many a time on this server and I feel like the best solution is doing something you have never done. If you are a redstone illiterate, than take that up. Are you bad at building? Experiment with architecture. In real life doing the same thing over and over again gets boring, so why shouldn't it be the same on here? Go on a wild adventure and do something different and then you will see that it is not that EMC has become boring to you, it is that you have become boring to EMC.
  11. That makes three of us for a break. The oids and I r buds (I hope)
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  12. Yeah, Money is fun to make, but end the end, it is worthless, it is a virtual currency.
    Want to here a story? I'm sure you do. So this one time, this guy had just joined EMC. He was REALLY nice. I also think he may have been a kid but whatever, I don't judge, ya know? So he is like figuring everything out for himself, and he makes a shop and I notice, *Top Donator Here* on a sign. No name is there, so I give him 1k. For fun. Like, he didn't ask me, he wasn't begging. He was just a nice guy, he deserved it if you ask me. Anyways, I tell my friends about this and they go off, "Oh no you didn't" and donate more than me. We kept going back and forth too, the four of us ended up giving the guy around 150k. It was so much fun, and the thing I love most is that he was just having fun, he set up the shop for fun too, not for money. Good guy. Good times. I am basically saying that money is fun, but spending it is more fun!
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  13. Minecraft does get borign after a while. Especially with the town system on emc.
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  14. I find that when running a store, money is a nice incentive, but the real benefits com
    e from the player's creations that you indirectly helped make.
    Is the blue text set by default or do I have to put it on EVERY time. Also if it can be a default text how do I set it so?
  15. Build something huge... I made a giant tree with a garden in it on smp3. You decide what to build. See how far you can get from spawn without turning back or dying with only iron items. This one is good for townies because it makes you realise there's more to EMC besides town. EDIT: Most shops I see are efficent shops. I made a shop just becaiuse I could.
  16. Thats the point of me making! To spend it!
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  17. Step One of not being Bored on EMC: Be Eclipsys.
  18. I do it every time. I'm sure there is some way you can but by now it is just a habit. As far as I know, The only people that do it are Green, Max, Crazy, Pandas, and me. I think it is cool, and makes my posts stand out, When people see this color they think, "Oh hey, Manglex posted something."
    One more thing, If your gonna do colored posts, don't steal my color. :)
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