[Not Official] SMP2 community flag?

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  1. Dear SMP2,
    For awhile now I have collected an enormous supply of materials to conduct this free giveaway, however there is one final piece missing. I would to create an SMP2 community flag with designs submitted by SMP2er's and give them away for free so we can show a little SMP2 pride. So I would like anyone who has a res on SMP2 to submit a design on the google forum.

    I will allow design submissions till August 15th. After August 15th we will have a vote in a separate post. The winner of the vote should share either a copy of the flag or the design process to me. After-which, no later then a week after that is done, everyone who owns a res on SMP2 should receive a copy of the flag in their mall.

    The winning design will also win a cash prize of 25,000r

    I hope you all from SMP2 find this a fun and exciting chance for us to show some SMP2 pride.

    If you are not from SMP2 and would still like to make a submission, please note on your post that you are not from SMP2.

    *After everyone on SMP2 get's an SMP2 flag, anyone who is not on SMP2 can ask for one for free.

    Design tips:
    • SMP2's official color is blue and you should incorporate this color in someway.
    • Design should be made on a MC banner.
    • A short paragraph describing your banner and it's design and how it represent SMP2 will greatly help increase chances of it being chosen by the voters.
    Any additional comments or suggestions should be posted below.
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  2. I'm having that one thing happen where I'm tasked with being creative and suddenly all of my ideas are gone.
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  3. Sounds Great would enter but got no skill in this so me and my alt will wait for the official smp2 flag to come to us.
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  4. I think this is cool but sadly I'm not good at these things
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  5. As always I see you got the thinking cap on, and have come up with another great idea for SMP2. I do, however, feel that maybe a suggestion box of logos, or icons that could be represented on the banner might get more replies. I may have several ideas that I would submit, but have never really tinkered with the banner design myself. This poses the problem of whether or not an idea would work on a banner, but I also think it shouldn't be limited to the expertise of my banner design skills. I see the replies above me also have interest in such an undertaking, but seem to row in a similar boat as myself. I hope by commenting on this it will be a reminder to keep thinking about it, and will do what I can to make an actual submission at some point in the next few weeks.
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